Office of Buildings

The Office of Buildings reviews, approves and issues all permits required by the City's Codes for the repair, alteration or addition to public and private buildings and structures. The Office also issues permits for new construction. The Office assists property owners in their effort to ensure that buildings are in compliance with the standards set forth in the City's Codes.

This page provides performance data on key indicators related to the Office’s customer service performance as well as overall building permit activity within the City, which is a key indicator of economic development.

Section I - Customer Service

Customer-initiated service requests and the percentage of those service requests that were resolved within the Office's target timeframes

All Customer Service Requests (Total Department)

This figure shows the total volume of customer service requests that the Office of Buildings receives on a monthly basis. It also shows performance in fulfilling those requests on-time each month.

Permit Inspection Customer Service Requests

The Office of Buildings is responsible for carrying out arborist, building, mechanical, electrical and plumbing inspections across the city. Altogether, around 6,500 permit inspections are undertaken in a normal month. The office strives to meet its customer service target of responding to customer requests for building inspections within two business days (six days for arborist inspections).

Quality Control and Plan Review Efficiency

Before a permit application is submitted, it goes through a Quality Control Review (QCR). During QCR, the application is reviewed to make sure that all of the necessary paperwork is present and the application is complete. This gives the customer an early opportunity to gather additional documents before starting the formal application process. The goal of QCR is to make the application review process smoother and ultimately quicker. Once an application has been approved by QCR, it moves to a full plan review. This chart measures how often an application makes it through each of these phases on the first try, which is a good measure of the Office's ability to accurately communicate plan requirements to applicants.

Section II - Building Permits

Number of Building Permits Issued

One of the key functions of the Office of Buildings is to issue permits for residential, multifamily and commercial construction, alterations and demolition. This is an important barometer of economic development for the City. The figure shows the number of building permits issued each month. The figures are cumulative so they give a running count for each fiscal year.

Detailed Breakdown of Permit Types

The figure below gives a breakdown of the permitting data by different permit types. This is important to understand from the standpoint of city operations, since one new multifamily development has a bigger impact on watershed management, transport infrastructure and public safety services than a single new residential home, for example.